Elastic band for hair from foamiran

Such a bright summer decoration in the diameter of 6-7 cm will be a great addition to the wardrobe.

To prepare this rose, we need the following materials:
- foamiran bright orange and green.
- lighter.
- dry bed of red color.
- wet wipes.
- scissors.
- scrunchy.
- foil.
- glue gun.
But first, we make patterns for future flower petals. The diameter of the circle is 8 cm, divide it into 5 rounded petals. We get a place for a further cut. And such blanks will need only 5 pieces.

From orange foamiran we cut 5 of these blanks.

We take a dry bed and a wet towel, which we first wipe on the paint, and then on the edge of the petal.

And we paint over all these blanks from two sides.

Now we make the cuts that were marked on the sketch, cut the corners of the petals deep.

Now that all the blanks have dried up, we begin to thin out, make them thinner. First, add the petals to the petals, we get one.

And with your fingers we’ll spread it well, twisting them together.

Then gently straighten and give the original look.

Then we take a lighter and heat up the suede with it, make bends along the edges of the petals. And we give such a new form to all 5 blanks.

And now we begin to assemble the roses. But for the middle, we twist the 10x10 cm foil into a droplet no higher than 2 cm.

From the first blank with five petals we will glue the rosebud. We use a glue gun. Glue a drop of foil in the center of the petals. We take the first of them and glue them tightly pressed to the droplet.

Now we take the petal, through one, and also glue it tightly, greasing the bottom, middle and almost the entire top of the petal with glue.

We take it again through one petal and glue it the same way.

Glue the entire first row through one alternating.

We begin to fix the second row of petals in the same way.

We will also glue the third row, but we apply glue only on the bottom and a little in the middle.

The fourth row also differs in the location of the glue. It will only be applied to the bottom of the petals. And in the fifth row, when we glue in the middle, we try to glue only the bottom itself, very close to the middle.

The flower is ready, proceed to the manufacture of the substrate. Cut a 7x7 cm square from green plastic suede.

We randomly cut it, we start from the corners a blank of 4 leaves.

We also process it with twisted fingers.

Gently straighten, a little pressing in the middle, making a recess.

And turning the rose upside down, we fix our substrate with glue, and on top we gum the hair elastic.

But in order to close the places of gluing, you can glue a strip of suede on top of the elastic band.

And that’s all. Our decoration - hair elastic is ready.

Good luck to all.