8 Ways to Use Aquaparks Unusually

Consider 8 lifehacks from a hollow aquapalque, designed to teach children swimming and therapeutic water gymnastics. It is made of foam polymer, which is easy to cut, does not sink, holds its shape, stretches and bends, which makes it an excellent material for homemade products.

No. 1: Phone stand

A piece of 5-7 cm is cut from the aquapalk.

This is convenient to do with a nichrome thread cutter. In it, the center is cut crosswise under different slopes.

This allows you to get a stand holding the smartphone with a strong and weak bias.

No. 2: Soft lining on the handle of the chair

For this homemade thermoplastic is required. From it you need to roll a sausage and make a ring out of it onto a water stick. A clerical knife is inserted into it at an angle.

The result is a cutter, rotating which you can dissolve the aquanudles into a spiral.

She, in turn, easily wraps around the arms of the chairs, railings, pipes, racks of sports equipment.

Number 3. Ceiling suspension for a flashlight

The spiral from the aquapalk can be fixed to the ceiling in a dark pantry and a flashlight can be inserted into it. The spiral is stiff enough so that the light source does not hang and rotate.

No. 4: Thermal case for a can

In a segment of a waterpick, you can cut out the middle for the diameter of an aluminum can.

To do this is better with a hot tool to get a smooth cut. A cap is also made from aquanudles. Such a cover will slow down the heating of soda or beer in a can.

No. 5: Float to save toilet pills

So that hygienic tablets for the toilet bowl dissolve more slowly, you can make a float for them. To do this, a ring is cut from the aquanudles, and expands to the diameter of the tablet. So that it does not fall out, a grate from the sink for the sink is tied to it.

Now the tablet will float with a float at the top. So it will dissolve slowly and will last for a long time.

No. 6: Protection of glass bottles

So that when carrying glass bottles do not break and do not knock, they can be wrapped with an aquanudles spiral.

No. 7: Conductor for storing mops and other equipment

Waterpixel spiral can be used to bind together mops, tubes, cuttings, etc. Bonded together do not fall standing in the corner. If you need something, you can easily remove the spiral.

No. 8: Pickup for curtains

Literally 2 turns of a spiral from an aquapalk can be used to fix the assembled curtain. On the front side you can see only one turn of pickup, so everything looks pretty good.