Exciting game for large companies

Meeting friends and gathering in large companies is always a pleasure for everyone to play an interesting and fun game together. What this game will be is not so important, the main thing is that as many people as possible can play it at the same time. This workshop I devoted to creating an exciting oriental game called Mikado from simple culinary skewers.
What you need to create one set of game sticks:
- 41 cooking skewers. They are sold in any food store in a package, where there are many more;
- a ruler so that all the sticks are the same length;
- from tools we need scissors and nippers;
- acrylic paints of blue, yellow, red and green;
- silicone brush. It is tougher and easier to make even stripes that we need.

First you need to prepare all forty and one stick and make them the same length. Choose more even sticks. Skewers are not always the same size and width, so be careful!
Before you begin to cut the sticks, you need to make notches with a pencil. To do this, measure 25 cm from the straight side with a ruler and mark this place with a pencil.

After that, with the help of nippers, you need to make a few "bites" in a circle and only after that press the handles of the nippers hard to cut off the extra piece. It is necessary to do this so that the cut end of the skewer is as even as possible.

For the game we need:
- 15 sticks with a blue ring on one side and with a red ring on the other side. One such stick has a dignity of 2 points.
- 15 sticks with a red ring with one, a yellow ring on the other side and with a blue ring in the middle. Such a stick has a merit of 3 points.
- 5 sticks with blue rings on both ends and with a red ring in the middle. These sticks each have a value of 5 points.
- 5 sticks with red rings around the edges and in the middle and blue rings between the red ones - a total of 3 red rings and 2 blue ones. These sticks cost 10 points each.
- and the last stick is the most expensive, worth 20 points, is covered with a green spiral for the entire length.
This is how each stick looks like.

It’s not difficult to color the sticks, the main thing is that the brush is stiff enough and that in the process you are not confused with their quantity. As a result, you should get such a nice bunch of sticks that will be very fun to play in the company of friends and relatives.