Homemade car lift: from air bags

In this review, the author shares the idea - how to make a homemade lift for a car out of air bags. This lift works from the compressor.

You can do it in just a couple of hours: you only need air bags from the trailer, a reinforced hose, two taps and two L-shaped mounts.

In fact, the main work is the manufacture of metal mounts. With one plane they are adjacent to the air bags, the other - are attached to the wheel hubs.

After this, it remains only to make and connect the pneumatic line from a reinforced hose and two taps. That, in fact, is all the work.

Features of use

Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the need to use a compressor (not everyone has one). You also need to constantly remove the wheels to connect the mounts to the wheel hubs.

However, in general, such an idea has a right to life - it can come in handy in some situations.

We connect the pneumatic line to the compressor, having previously closed the valves, and then gradually opening them, pump air into the air bags and raise the car.

It is absolutely necessary to use safety stops to avoid accidents being under the bottom of the car.

For a detailed overview and use of a homemade lift from air bags, see the video on our website.