How to make a skating rink from a gas cylinder

In this review, the author shows the manufacturing process of a makeshift roller for planting a lawn. Purchased are in the range of 3-5 thousand rubles, but why overpay when it can be cheaper?

The ice rink itself is needed in order to tamp the base (platform) well for laying the lawn.

To make a homemade skating rink you will need a gas cylinder of 50 l (from under propane), as well as pipe pieces and bolts with nuts.

The main stages of work

The first step is to rinse the cylinder from the inside and drain the remaining condensate. Please note that condensate must be drained away from home, as the smell of gas can persist for several weeks.

Then cut the "skirt" at the bottom of the container. In the center of the bottom, the author welds a bolt, on which he puts on the sleeve and fixes it with a nut.

In the upper part of the container where the valve was, the author welds a nut into which a second bolt is screwed. A sleeve must also be put on it.

At the last stage, it remains only to weld a U-shaped handle from the segments of the round pipe, the ends of which are welded to the bushings along the edges of the cylinder.

The cylinder itself needs to be filled with sand. For details on how to make a do-it-yourself skating rink for planting a lawn, see the video.