Device for cutting saddles on steel pipes

For drilling holes in steel pipes, as well as cutting saddles for welding, you can use a special device - a mini machine for trimming saddles.

If you have automatic or arc welding, a grinder and other power tools, as well as the necessary materials, you can make this device yourself in the home workshop.

Why do we need this machine? Cutting saddles on round or square (profile) pipes ensures a good fit of the welded workpieces at the right angle. Accordingly, the welding of parts will be better.

First of all, the author makes a seat for the pipe. To do this, you will need to cut off two pieces of metal with a grinder and weld them to a piece of corner.

Homemade manufacturing process

The author makes the base from a piece of metal with a thickness of about 5-6 mm. As a turntable, a piece of metal plate is used. It is attached to the base with a bolt.

A square piece of metal is welded to the plate with a center hole drilled under the spindle. A core drill will be mounted on the shaft.

At the next stage, you will need to weld a "seat" for the workpieces - round and square (profile) pipes.

In the end, it remains only to make a clamp to fix the workpieces. To do this, you need a piece of plate, a round blank and a hairpin.

Details on how to make your own device for cutting saddles on pipes, you can see in the video on the site.