Do-it-yourself automatic soap dispenser

In this review, the author proposes to move slightly away from the usual standards and make an automatic dispenser of liquid soap with your own hands. This is not to say that this idea is original, but maybe someone will like it.

At least this option is still better than the classic soap dish. However, unlike the same soap dish or mechanical dispenser of liquid soap, it takes up more space.

To make an automatic dispenser, you will need a plastic container for liquid soap, a pair of cocktail tubes, a plastic flask, a Krona battery, a button and two mini electric pumps.

The main stages of work

The first thing to do is to connect two electric pumps together. For this, the author uses hot melt adhesive. After that, they will need to be placed inside one of the halves of the plastic flask.

A hole is drilled at the top of the second half and a button is installed. Then the electric pumps, button and connector for the Krona battery must be connected using wires.

Next, a silicone hose of the required length is put on the electric pumps. All elements are placed in a plastic flask that closes. Outside, there is only a button.

At the last stage, it remains only to insert the silicone hoses into the holes in the lid from the container in which the liquid soap will be. The plastic flask itself is connected with the bottle using rubber bands.

For details on how to make an automatic dispenser of liquid soap with your own hands, we recommend that you look in the video on the site.