Homemade device for gluing large workpieces

Using this home-made tool, you can glue wooden panels, as well as other large blanks. Also, this "stand" can be used for other purposes. For example, for reliable fixation of long metal or wooden workpieces for the purpose of their further machining.

A feature of this home-made device is that it is possible to simultaneously fix the workpieces in four places. It also allows you to glue together long and short boards. In general, the idea is not bad, and it can come in handy for someone.

Moreover, the workpieces can be pulled together not manually, but using an electric drill. In this case, it will save time (especially if the amount of work is large). Now we turn to the manufacturing process of this homemade product.

The main stages of work

The first step is to cut off four segments of a square profile pipe, and the edges must be cut at an angle of 45 degrees. In two pipes it will be necessary to make four holes - under the studs. Next, the master welds a rectangular frame.

Inside the frame, it is necessary to weld another 6 segments of the profile pipe - the blanks will be supported on them. A corner 40 * 40 mm is welded on one edge of the frame, and then it will be necessary to cut four clamping jaws from the same corner. From all this, the master collects a single design.

For details on how to make a simple home-made appliance for gluing large workpieces with your own hands, see the video on the website.