A simple, versatile home workshop tool

This simple, versatile tool comes in handy in every home workshop. The scope of its application is quite wide. Using the appropriate nozzles, this device can be used as a marking compass for metal. Scrippers themselves can be made from a piece of a hairpin and a piece of a bolt, having sharpened their ends on an emery.

Also, this homemade tool can be used as a holder for a punch, which is easy to make from a car valve.

By connecting two square blanks close to each other, and inserting a saw blade for metal or an office knife between them, we get two more useful tools for the home workshop as a result.

The main stages of work

First of all, we cut two identical pieces of a square bar with side dimensions of 15x15 mm. If the rods were in the open air for a long time, then it will be necessary to clean the surface of the metal from traces of rust. This can be done with a petal circle for the grinder.

Then we drill two through holes in the workpieces, and cut the threads into them. At the next stage, using a triangular file for metal, you need to make small "grooves" on one side of each square.

In one of the rods, we additionally drill five holes, and cut the threads into them. We connect two rods together with hex bolts. Actually, the universal tool itself is ready. Now, changing nozzles, you can use it for various operations.

You can watch the detailed manufacturing process of this simple and universal tool for the home workshop in the video on the website.