Homemade manual drill with electric drill drive

In the process of arranging a country or house site, it is often required to make round holes in the ground - for example, for planting trees, installing poles, and other purposes.

Of course, you can dig them out with a bayonet shovel manually, but it’s much faster and more convenient to use an electric garden Yamobur, which you can make yourself.

For this homemade product you will need a network drill, a saw blade on wood, as well as pipe cuts and a steel rod. All these materials can be found without problems in a garage or workshop.

The main stages of work

For the manufacture of homemade garden Yamobur we will use a saw blade on a tree from the circular. The circle must be cut with a grinder on one side to the central hole. Then we clamp it in a vice, heat it with a gas burner and bend one edge.

Then we insert a pipe section into the central hole of the saw blade and scald it in a circle. Inside, insert a sleeve of a smaller diameter and also scald. Next, we insert a metal bar into the pipe and fix it by welding. The lower end of the bar should protrude 15-20 cm beyond the disc.

At the last stage of manufacturing a garden pit, it remains only to sharpen the bottom edge of the bar under the cone - for better penetration into the ground, as well as to make a cutting edge on the saw blade. We insert the tail part of the rod into the electric drill chuck, and you can drill holes in the ground.