Application "Loving Heart"

What is the heart like? Loving or hating, broken and loving. I propose to depict a loving heart using yarn of three colors (white thread, red and yellow). In addition to yarn, we will also need the following devices: scissors, Moment glue (universal), cardboard (preferably corrugated or just thick), a pencil.

Operating procedure:
Cut out the shape of the heart from cardboard. Inside this form, we draw another heart, and in it one more. It turned out in one three hearts, but of different sizes. We take red yarn and form several loops from it (from three to five), cut off the excess thread. Holding the loops in one hand, with the other hand we glue a small portion of the shape of the largest heart with glue, and quickly glue our loops. And so on around the perimeter of one half of the whole heart. Then we take the yarn of yellow color and do it too, but already around the perimeter of the second heart. Next, with the same actions with white yarn, paste over the central, smallest heart. Half of our heart is ready. We also do everything with its second half. We got a three-colored heart. It remains only to make a small hole and pass the ribbon so that you can hang the finished application. You can also paste over the heart from its reverse side. Then the application will turn out more voluminous.

Enjoy your work!